In the world of Purgarth, the Paladins were considered natural leaders, peacekeepers and mediators in disputes. Adhering to the code of Chivalry, Paladins are defenders of the Confederation as a symbol of the Empyrean. With the materials required to manufacture the Calibur being so dangerous to acquire, especially Brimstone, the holy guns were few and far between and thus the title of Paladin can only be given to a select few. These men, all of them of noble blood, are rigorously trained from the age of six for their role from early boyhood to adulthood, performing near-superhuman feats of strength, endurance and concentration while also being taught the highest knowledge of their time. One could forsake his training and remain an Aristocrat; but one who failed the final test, single combat with his physical instructor, would not be given a second chance, but be disowned and sent west into exile.